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“MAKİNA ve KİMYA ENDÜSTRİSİ KURUMU” (The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) establishment of which dates back to the Ottoman Empire has merged the economic and commercial activities thereof under the title of General Directorate of MKE in 1950. Our company uses the year 1950 as the establishment date in the logo thereof and this is because General Directorate of MKE also has accepted 1950 as its establishment year. However, we reached to information and documents in our researches proving that our company carried out its activities before the year 1950 and was established in 1946 by our company founder “Mr. Halil Akgün” while also the documents which were found in archives of official departments and public institutions indicate the fact that that our company’s real establishment date is 1946.

We reached very valuable information and documents for us in the archive where the official documents were obtained and in our letterhead of 1972 we detected our company’s trade registry number, which we think was mandatory then, as well as the date of our company’s establishment.

We also obtained a document dated 1960, owned by our founder, named explosives license then which in our day is called as permit for purchasing and sales of explosive materials. These are the most valuable documents indicating our inheritance. The biggest value inherited to us is our straight forward, honest and reliable commercial approach based on solid foundations which has lasted for many years. A 72-year old company founded in 1946 and came until 2018 is very rare in our country and we are taking firm steps forward to become a hundred-year-old company.

Our founder Halil Akgün came to the world in Adana in 1909. Youth is a subordinate who has decided to serve our souls. In 1946, the Mercury Foundation took the initiative of the company, which is still standing today, by taking the initiative of the region. In 1966, we have been growing in the Collective Company. By the end of 1990, he was able to overcome the strong character, morality and culture he had in his own second and third generations.