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Our company, has built dozens of explosive materials warehouses since the inception thereof until present and provided services as to supply of explosives for civilian use within and outside our region for numerous works which have led to the development of our country until present (Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects, Highways, Tunnels, Mines, Bridges, Airports and etc. ). Our company has achieved a rapid growth since 2000 and established warehouses and production facilities. Our company, in addition to its regional services, has started to provide the services thereof throughout the country by 2012 by virtue of our production facilities and warehouses established in Niğde province.

Our company, “Akgün Patlayıcı”, targeting to have global growth, has united its power with Solar Patlayıcı, team of which it knows very well and trusts very much and which is under the management of the doyens of the sector at its Niğde facilities and opened the doors of its facilities to Solar Group which is the world's biggest 4th explosives producer. Since 2015, we have reached each and every point of our country from our facilities with technology and expert teams of “Solar Patlayıcı” and as “Akgün Patlayıcı” and “Solar Patlayıcı (Turkey)” we achieved a significant growth and gained a significant market share. This model created by us has subsequently been tried by also other companies. While we are proud to be a pioneer and a company of the firsts, we look forward to the future with our understanding of shared growth.