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Solarcord - Detonating Cord

SOLARCORD is a detonation system used in all kind of aboveground and underground blasting operations. Easy to use, fast, practical and safe. It is referred as non electric detonation system in the classification of detonation systems. Internal part of SOLARCORD is composed by PETN. Knitted textiles surrounds PETN. In its outer part, detonating cord is coated with PVC. This coat protects the cord and provides that PETN performs its duties trouble-freely under external factors and weather conditions. SOLARCORD is determined depending on the amount of PETN contained in one meter. These amounts range as 5gr, 6gr, 10gr, 12gr, 20gr, 40gr and 80gr

Areas of Usage
  • In open pit and tunnel blasting,
  • In production and stripping operations in surface coal mining,
  • Underground and surface metal mining production and pickling operations,
  • In blasting operations in quarries,
  • In open excavations in dam and highway works,
  • In cement and lime plants raw material mines,
  • In special blasting applications.
  • Easy to use, practical and fast,
  • Delay can be given in hole surface when cord relay is used,
  • It is generally used for large-scale blasting holes (>64 mm),
  • Provides high work safety,
  • More non sensitive to friction, shock and static electricity,
  • Economical,
  • Easy to carry.
Easy to use, fast, practical and safe
​Safety Instructions

These products are classified as hazardous and explosive materials. Transportation and usage of this product by the people who do not have the required training, experience and control authority may cause personal injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore, the requirements and provisions set forth in the decree no 87/12028 "Regulations / Directives about Procedures and Principles for Hunting Materials and Similar Items related with Non Monopoly Explosive Articles" must be applied for transportation, handling and disposal / elimination, when necessary, of these products.