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Supreme Cord Relay

Supreme Cord Relay is a non electric surface delay detonator relay which provides delay between holes and rows in open excavation blasts using Solarcord. Supreme Cord Relay can be used anywhere in Solarcord line.

Technical Specifications

Supreme Cord Relay consists of two delay devices housed in a plastic component. Both end are provided two holes for threading Solarcord. Supreme Cord Relays of different delay intervals are in natural white plastic components. They have different color codes depending on delay times. Supreme Cord Relays have 17, 25, 42 and 67 milliseconds delay intervals.

  • Supreme Cord Relay is non electric,
  • Used bi-directional,
  • Easy and simple to use,
  • Offers use of unlimited number of holes,
  • Environmentally friendly in shocks.
  • Cut ends of Solarcord must be clean,
  • Supreme Cord Relay must be connected to a position close to the borehole to be delayed,
  • In blasting in sequence, care should be given that two supremes are parallel to each other.
Safety Instructions

This product is classified as hazardous and explosive material. Transportation and usage of this product by the people who do not have the required training, experience and control authority may cause personal injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore, the requirements and provisions set forth in the decree no 87/12028 "Regulations / Directives about Procedures and Principles for Hunting Materials and Similar Items related with Non Monopoly Explosive Articles" must be applied for transportation, handling and disposal / elimination, when necessary, of these products.


Supreme Cord Relay are packed in carton boxes of 50 nos each. 20 of each such cartons are packed in wooden cases, lined with bitumen / polyethylene liners. Supreme Cord Relays are packed in standard quantity of 1000 pieces.