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Supreme - Electric Capsule

State-of-the-art technology SUPREME detonators have superior performance and high security properties. It offers a wide range of electric detonators choices such instantaneous, show delay and long delay.

Areas of Usage
  • In all kind of aboveground and underground blasting applications,
  • In production and stripping operations in surface coal mining,
  • In underground coal mining,
  • In production and stripping operations in surface metal mining,
  • In blasting operations in quarries,
  • In tunnel blasting,
  • In open excavations in dam and highway works,
  • In cement and lime plants raw material mines,
  • In special blasting applications.
  • High degree of accuracy in delays, superior performance,
  • Easy and comfortable handling,
  • Excellent water resistance,
  • More advanced safety against shocks and frictions
Some Precautions Which Must be Followed When Using
  • Connection wires of detonators must not be damaged during loading,
  • Joint places of detonator connection wires must be well isolated and contact with earth and water must be prevented,
  • The power of blaster / magneto with which blasting will be made must be higher,
  • Detonators of different brands and resistance must not be used within same blasting group,
  • During loading of blasting group, it must be avoided from the cases which may create static electricity,
  • Wave emitting devices such mobile phone, wireless must not be entered into shooting group,
  • Care must be given while making connections and not to make wrong connection and extension cable or detonation cable of undesired characteristics must not be used.
Instantaneous, short and long delay detonators

Supreme detonators leads are shunted and bent inwards. 25 detonators are wrapped so as to form a bunch and packed with two bundles of Kraft paper wrapped in that manner. These packages are placed in a box again coated with Kraft paper lining. Detonator amount per box varies depending on the length of detonation wire.

​Safety Instructions

These products are classified as hazardous and explosive materials. Transportation and usage of this product by the people who do not have the required training, experience and control authority may cause personal injuries and fatal accidents. Therefore, the requirements and provisions set forth in the decree no 87/12028 "Regulations / Directives about Procedures and Principles for Hunting Materials and Similar Items related with Non Monopoly Explosive Articles" must be applied for transportation, handling and disposal / elimination, when necessary, of these products.