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SUPREMEDET-S provides superior performance with its (3L) 3 layered shock tube technology. SUPREMEDET-S provides superior performance with its (3L) 3 layered shock tube technology. SUPREMEDET-S offers unlimited delay timing and in non electric detonation system, energy propagates through the shock tube and explodes the cap. During this time, shock tube does not expose to damage contrary to detonating cord and not make deaf the explosive inside the hole as well. It is not influenced by electrical fields and static electricity since it is a non electric detonation system. It is an extremely reliable detonation system. SUPREMEDET-S is an ideal solution to lower the blasting sourced environmental effects to minimum levels since it permits unlimited delay timing.

3L Three-layer shock tube technology

Areas of Usage
  • In all kind of aboveground and underground blasting applications,
  • In production and stripping operations in surface coal mining,
  • In production and stripping operations in aboveground and underground metal mining,
  • In blasting operations in quarries,
  • In excavations in dam and highway works,
  • In cement and lime plants raw material mines,
  • In special blasting applications.
  • Very safe detonation system,
  • Extremely easy to handle,
  • Does not harm to the product sensitive to boost through blast hole,
  • The tubes of caps can be produced according to desired length,
  • Provides fully controlled delay,
  • Safe against static electricity,
  • Minimize blast sourced environmental problems,
  • Resistant to rupture and friction,
  • Can be used in watered holes easily,
  • Easy and fast use (Provides 30 - 35 % progress when compared with other detonation systems).
Very safe detonation system

SUPREMEDET-S non electricity detonation system consists of three different capsule systems. These cap systems are as follows;

  • SUPREMEDET-S LPD, designed for underground blasts, bore hole cap.
  • SUPREMEDET-S DTH, designed for aboveground blasts, bore hole cap.
  • SUPREMEDET-S STL, designed for underground and aboveground blasting, surface delay capsule
  • SUPREMEDET-S COMBIDET, designed for aboveground blasts, cap produced in the shape of combination of bore hole cap and surface cap.

SUPREMEDET LPD is designed specially underground and tunneling blasting. Thanks to its wide ranges of delay, it provides obtaining safe and ideal results in tunneling and underground blasting applications.

Placed capsules can be detonated with surface delay capsule (SUPREMEDET STL) or detonating cord either as single or in group by bunching.

Delay Areas
Delay No Delay Time (ms)
1 100
2 200
3 300
4 400
5 500
6 600
7 700
8 800
9 900
10 1.000
11 1.200
12 1.400
13 1.600
14 1.800
15 2.000
16 2.500
17 3.000
18 3.500
19 4.000
20 4.500
21 5.000
22 5.500
23 6.000
24 6.500
25 7.000
26 7.500

SUPREMEDET DTH is a bore hole non electric detonator specially designed for all kind of open pit blasts. It has 6 different number having 50 ms delay period between each number. In surface, it is connected using surface delay detonators (SUPREMEDET STL) or detonating cord and is detonated.

It is especially preferred in open pit blasts due to its high safety and superior performance. Minimize the blast sourced environmental impacts.

Delay Areas
Delay No Delay Time (ms)
1 250
2 300
3 350
4 400
5 450
6 500

SUPREMEDET STL is surface delay detonators. Provides delay between the holes in underground and aboveground operations. It can supply delay to unlimited number of holes and by this means blasting of more than one hole in a time is provided without causing environmental impacts.

Delay Areas
Delay No Delay Time (ms)
1 17
2 25
3 42
4 67
5 100

It is a combined product created by co-production of SUPREMEDET STL and SUPREMEDET DTH detonators. Application of this product is extremely easy and this product can be produced in several delay combinations and tube lengths based on user's preferences.

Delay Areas
Delay No Delay Time (ms)
1 17/500
2 25/500
3 42/500
4 67/500
5 100/500