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Baremit-Y Booster Sensitive Emulsion Explosive
Ammonium Nitrate +Water Based Explosive

BAREMİT-Y is a booster sensitive emulsion explosive with high VOD and excellent water resistance, designed for use in surface blasting operations in wet environments with medium and large diameter blastholes.

Standard production (in plastic film cartridges) with the diameters of 50, 70 and 90 mm

  • Surface mining operations
  • Construction and stripping works
  • In abrassive rock blasting operations with high drilling costs
Technicial Specifications
Oxygen Balance: % +0,4
Density: 1,25-1,35 g/cm³
Gas Volume: 970 l/kg
Energy: 3,2 MJ/kg
Velocity of Detonation (Ø 50 mm Steel Pipe): 5500 ±200 m/s
Water Resistance: Excellent