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ELBAR-5 is a booster sensitive ANFO type of powder explosive containing TNT

*Standard production: In 25 kg polyethylene and polypropylene bags.

  • Surface and underground blastings
  • As bottom and column charges
Technicial Specifications
Ideal Velocity of Detonation: 5798 m/s
Velocity of Detonation (Ø 125 mm PVC Pipe): 3500 m/s min.
Ideal Detonation Pressure: 8,214 Gpa
Detonation Temperature: 2314 °K
Lead Block Test: 400 cm³/10 g min.
Gas Volume: 736,2 I/kg
Oxygen Balance: %+0.729
Water Resistance: Poor
Density: 0.75±0.1 g/cm³
Detonation Reaction Energy: 3,976 MJ/kg