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Permissible Dynamite
NG Based Cap Sensitive Explosive

*Standard production (In paper cartridges) : Ø25x200 mm, Ø32x200 mm

  • In underground coal mines with the danger of explosion of firedamps and coal dust
  • Blasting of soft rocks
Technicial Specifications
Ideal Velocity of Detonation: 3513 m/s
Velocity of Detonation (Ø 50x450 mm Steel Pipe): 3200 m/s min.
Ideal Detonation Pressure: 4,794 Gpa
Detonation Reaction Energy: 2,620 MJ/kg
Gas Volume: 711,2 I/kg
Lead Block Test: 280 cm³/10 g min.
Air Gap Sensitivity (Ø 25x200 mm Paper Cartridge): 7 cm, min.
Oxygen Balance: %+ 9,18
Water Resistance: Poor
Detonation Temperature: 2144 °K
Density: 1,10±0,1 g/cm³