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Seismic Dynamite
NG Based Cap Sensitive Explosive

*It is packed in plastic cartridges with Ø50x450mm and Ø86x450mm

  • Explorations for oil, gas, thermal water and drilling
  • Underwater blastings
  • Seismic prospecting
  • Blastings under humid and wet conditions
  • As a primer
Technicial Specifications
Ideal Velocity of Detonation: 7610 m/s
Velocity of Detonation (Ø 50x450 mm Steel Pipe): 6000 m/s min.
Ideal Detonation Pressure: 24,324 Gpa
Detonation Temperature: 2628 °K
Detonation Reaction Energy: 4,642 MJ/kg
Gas Volume: 683 I/kg
Lead Block Test: 400 cm³/10 g min
Air Gap Sensitivity (Ø 25x200 mm Paper Cartridge): 15 cm, min.
Oxygen Balance: %+2,07
Water Resistance: Excellent
Density: 1,50 ±0,1 g/cm³