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Copper Electrical Detonators with 30 ms Delay Interval

It is a detonator having electrically ignitable fusehead by the action of dynamo type or condenser type exploder with delay time. They are used to blast dynamite and similar explosives at desired intervals and sequence to obtain a good and uniform fragmentation, the desired particle size, to decrease vibration and to increase the yield of the blasting in the great blasting especially in the gassy adn dusty mines. The detonator is firedamp safe. It can be manufactured at the desired cable length.

Technicial Specifications
Shell: Copper
Delay Number: 1-16
Mark on the Butttom of the cap: 1/K - 16/K
Delay Time: 30-480 ms
Cable: Electrolytic copper wire coated with PVC
Cable Length: 1.5 and 2.5 m
Detonation Velocity: Approximately 7500 m/s
Blasting Power: It makes a min 5 mm hole in diameter on 5 mm thick lead plate.
Fusehead Resistance: Class 1: 1.2-1.8 Ω / Class 2: 0.4-0.8 Ω
Firing Impulse: Class 1: 3 mWs/Ω / Class 2: 16 mWs/Ω
No-firing Impulse: Class 1: 0.8 mWs/Ω / Class 2: 8 mWs/Ω
Safety Current: Class 1: 0.18 A DC, 300 s / Class 2: 0.45 A DC, 300 s
Recommended Firing Current: Class 1: 1.0 A / Class 2: 1.5 A
Grizu Safe: : Safe
Strength: No.8