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Our Services Incident to Explosive Substances

  • Sale, transport and storage of explosives,
  • Provision of mobile warehouse,
  • Explosion services (with expert staff),
  • Technical support for explosion with expert personnel, on-site cost estimate, detection and technical solutions,
  • Provision of state-of-the-art explosives and accessories thereof,
  • Shock safety elements, expert solutions to prevent damage subsequent to explosion,
  • Follow-up procedures for explosive license,
  • Provision of information as to issuance of purchases and exploitation permits and making registration procedures.

Our Services Incident to Hunting Materials

  • Hunting cartridges of various brands, diameters and weights,
  • Sound cartridges,
  • Transportation services for hunting cartridges and sound cartridges,

Our Services Incident to Fireworks

  • Sales and marketing services of fireworks imported by our company
  • Fireworks show services by expert staff,

Our Services Incident to MKE (The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation) Products

  • Supply and sale services for all MKE products, explosives, hunting materials and pistol cartridges,